Louvain: Great and small Beguinage May 2019 / Leuven: Groot & Klein Begijnhof Mei 2019

I have taken pictures in Louvain. Enjoy!

Ik heb foto’s genomen in Leuven. Geniet ervan!

02130007 wm 72dpi02130013 wm 72dpi02130016 wm 72dpi02130017 wm 72dpi02130020 wm 72dpi02130021 wm 72dpi02130022 wm 72dpi02130024 wm 72dpiDSCN2516 wm 72dpiDSCN2517 wm 72dpiDSCN2545 wm 72dpiDSCN2582 wm 72dpiDSCN2587 wm 72dpiDSCN2589 wm 72dpiDSCN2609 wm 72dpiDSCN2620 wm 72dpiDSCN2623 wm 72dpi

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